This is a 14-weeks project. I designed the experience of light.


Arc is an installation that recreates the graduation of natural light and shade to help people reshape the concept of time.


Time is always the topic that I keep thinking about. Living in the modern world full of digital fatigue, I found myself more energetic and punctual when I spent my day outdoor. Looking at the changes of light and shadow in nature, I could approximately tell how much time passes by and manage it efficiently. This experience inspired me to rethink the representation of time and the solutions for issues such as procrastination and insomnia.


losing perception of time

Precise perception leads to imprecise behaviors

People make plans based on the exact time. For example, they will decide to play 30 minutes of computer games before bedtime. However, those precise decisions often lead to imprecise behaviors--they don't know how much time has gone while playing.

There are no changes indoor that show people time is passing

People averagely spend 19 hours indoors without going out to nature. (includes the time that they spend inside their cars). There are barely changes that happen indoor to give people abstract feelings of time

Time is invisible to people

People now measure time by numbers on their watches. Those numbers are arbitrary and meaningless. They made the movement of the time invisible and are changing people's concept of time and now they even remind people of the change of time and nature.

how might we make time visible to people?


mock-ups & prototyping

final concept

provoking the thought of change

Although this is a conceptual installation, it is intended to provoke people to think about the concept of time and time management. Numbers cannot represent time. Time is alive, and it’s always moving. We must feel its changes before we can treasure it.