Hello! I am Zhuokun Lin

Through observing, sketching, speculating, making mock-ups, and prototyping, I seek better solutions to problems, meaning in objects, emotions in experience, unparalleled values for systems, and sometimes encouragement for behavioral changes. I love creating a design that gives the users the pleasure of convenience and simplicity. But Sometimes, I am also obsessed with finding the essence of a problem. It inspires me to offer not only a convenient and efficient solution but also a thought-provoking experience. I hope that by engaging people in thinking about the consequences of their behaviors, the design can trigger their thought of changing and eventually lead them to act on it.


I am a product designer who focuses on designing and realizing novel products and systems that solve problems from complex social matters to daily life. I recently finished my bachelor's degree in product design with a Designmatters Minor in Social Innovation at ArtCenter College of Design.

From speculating the future to hammering a form of the object, I have this "what if" moment that urges me to think of other possibilities and dream of some impossible scenarios. When I am indulging in crafting an impossible idea into a probable and rational proposal. Design, at that moment, is about finding the balance between dream and reality. I share some of those impossible projects. Even though they might not be the better solutions, I hope they can catalyze imagination, which is the significant force that shapes our future.

In my life, apart from design, I love painting, visiting various exhibitions, practicing calligraphy, playing basketball, trying various restaurants, and talking to my French Bulldog.