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zoek lin

Hello! My name is Zoek Lin. I am a product designer who focuses on designing products that help us shape a preferable and desirable future. I believe that Innovation happens when technology and design work together to solve problems, create positive social impacts, and improve harmony between humans and nature.


I am good at critical design, holistic thinking, and speculative design, which are demonstrated in my portfolio. Those skills are my tools to create pragmatic designs or visualize alternative futures to open discussions about how those products in the future can impact our lives. By proposing those promising hypotheses, we can engage people, potentially shape their needs, and open up blue-ocean market space for business.


I am also a practical maker. I enjoy the process of thinking while making mock-ups and observing user testing. Even though fictional concepts are powerful, materializing concepts have a real impact, and experience is the core. From the first to last impression, systems, services, and products need to craft the user experience, create beautiful moments, change mindsets, and make a positive contribution to society. Therefore, I am designing more novel interactive experiences with diverse mediums, from consumer electronics to responsive installations.