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zoek lin


My name is Zoek Lin. Attending boarding school at the age of four, I learned how to become an independent, self-motivated, and decisive thinker at a young age. Leaning towards mathematics and engineering at first, a decisive moment inspired me to reconsider what I wanted to do, whom I wanted to become, and creativity was at the core.  

I am a designer who seeks the “whys” in everyday life and human behaviors. I am a futurist who loves to measure,  break boundaries, and conceptualize what’s possible. Impactful problem solving must be driven by design and technology and needs to be collaborative, provocative, and mindful of communities. From the first to last impression, systems, services, and products need to craft the user experience, create beautiful moments, change mindsets, and make a positive contribution to society. Therefore, I am on my way to design more novel interactive experiences with diverse mediums from consumer electronics to responsive installations, which ultimately reflects the visions of harmonious and sustainable culture.